Having a guide is important. Understanding the why before the how is crucial. Our founder, Dot Miller, has compiled a massive library of resources to help you and your organization succeed. The information here will provide you with insight and resources in various areas potentially warranting attention from your organization. Take an exclusive peek at a few examples…

Furman Political Strategies

Helping non-profits, trade associations, local chambers of commerce and other organizations overcome the challenges brought upon by complex legislative, regulatory and political issues.

Strategically Tuned, LLC

Strategically Tuned, LLC aligns your vision and your practice through strategic plans in order to fine tune your business.

All Is Accounted For (AIAC)

A full-service accounting firm dedicated to helping you spend less time and effort on your business finances so you can be free to focus on the other aspects of your business.

The Alchemy Group

There are certain habits that all High Impact Managers exhibit, which result in the maximization of their personal workplace performance. Our program identifies 24 of the habits that High Impact Managers typically employ.

OutWrite Solutions, LLC

OutWrite Solutions, LLC is your virtual resource for reliable executive support and professionally crafted content solutions.

what our clients are saying

In addition to the restructure of the organization, Dot cared very much about each member. She went so far as to visit each member, driving to every corner of the state to sit in front of our members to talk to them about the challenges they are facing in our industry and how our association could help them. She goes above and beyond for her clients.

– Jim Howes

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