Valentine’s Day has come and gone, yet we still want to shout from the rooftops that we love our chamber and association clients every single day of the year – not just in the glowing red, heart-shaped month of February!

Here are five of the many reasons we love the chambers and associations we consider our beloved client family:

  • They have heart. Association and chambers support, standardize and promote various industries for the betterment of consumers’ life quality. They are passionate about their profession and invested in the success of the professionals and the consumers whose lives their work ultimately impacts. They also engage in volunteer opportunities and support different charities and causes.
  • They open doors. When’s the last time someone opened and held a door for you? Ok, so we’re talking metaphorical doors in this case. Like the kind of doors that open to job leads, education enhancement and career advancement opportunities. Doors that enable entry to a successful and fulfilling professional future.
  • Everything they do, they do it for you. As seasoned industry experts, our associations and chambers know their industries intimately and combine their passion and knowledge with industry needs and demands to offer the tools and resources needed to get ahead in their respective fields. They strive to promote and deliver excellence in areas beneficial to professionals everywhere.
  • They foster positive relationships. Making connections and acquiring contacts is essential for individual and organizational growth and success. Our clients provide networking opportunities that can afford participants valuable business contacts, which oftentimes lead to life-long friendships.
  • They’re committed. Serving as an official voice for their profession, chambers and associations are committed to promoting and supporting the value and importance of many industries through member engagement, legislation and other means.

As an Association Management Company (AMC), we are very fortunate to work directly with these organizations and interact with their leadership and members. We know what awesome work our clients do and cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate them.

If you’d like to show your support to your local chamber of commerce or state or national association, it’s easy and feels good, too! Donating and volunteering are just a couple of things we all can do to support our communities and continue to spread the love!

If you are an association or chamber considering partnering with an AMC, we would love to chat with you about what that relationship looks like. When your organization faces challenges – We are The Solution!