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Running a business in today’s cutthroat world is not easy. With The Solution, you will overcome common management challenges while increasing efficiency.

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We can help you move your organization forward toward prosperity and success! If you are just getting started, we can help you hit the ground running!


The Solution is a full-service Association Management Company (AMC) specializing in customized, strategic planning and execution in addition to needs ranging from board and committee support to membership and project management. We partner with associations to provide tailored solutions that fulfill organizational needs and stimulate growth through the execution of strategic initiatives.

“Industry Best” Standard

The Solution is currently accepting a limited number of new clients seeking both operational excellence and the strategic experience and expertise to strengthen and grow their association

The Solution Team is intentionally designed to balance experienced and proven association managers and fresh new talent. Each team member is personally trained, mentored and managed by Dot in The Solution way. This includes systems and processes, continuing education in client specialties, customer service and their own technical areas of responsibility.

We do not believe it is enough to simply be reactive and responsive to client needs. As an organization we are proactive in our approach to bring Industry Best Standards of professionalism and expertise that includes:

Industry/Association Specialization: We bring extraordinary experience and expertise in the field of association management to each project and then supplement that with a dedicated effort and education process focused on your organizational structure, industry practices and trends, and detailed subject matter education. Our team is full of quick learners with a passion for the worlds and work of our clients and their members.

Technology Enabled Service Options: While in-person meetings may be necessary from time to time, email, teleconferences, video conferences, webinars, and other technologies at our fingertips allow us flexibility to plan meetings according to your schedule while saving you the cost and time consumption of travel. We also organize our team to accommodate the varied time zones and availability of you and your leadership team.

Dedicated Staff: In addition to the direct service and support of our CEO, each of our clients has a designated professional (or team) assigned to their organization. While all our clients receive the benefit of the various specialties of our team behind the scenes, dedicated staff ensures that our team is truly YOUR team, providing consistency and stability, a professional relationship with a personal touch. We believe consistency and stability are critical starting points for great service. To that end, we have instituted rigorous hiring standards, excellent training and focus on creating a great work environment. As a result we enjoy great loyalty and have had zero turnover among our staff.

Problem Management: While no organization can be absolutely perfect, we believe that through rigorous hiring practices, rigorous training, great processes and systems, continuous self evaluation, and ongoing professional development, we create a team capable of and fiercely dedicated to consistently great service. When problems do occur we deal with them quickly, aggressively and transparently in full partnership with our clients.


Why Partner With The Solution?


Q: I’m hesitant to outsource to an AMC, as they may not have a sufficient understanding of or share the passion I have for my industry. Why should I trust The Solution?

A: The Solution’s highly skilled and experienced leadership team invests a great deal of time and effort working to educate and immerse ourselves in many industries. This involves working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), familiarizing ourselves with industry practices and trends and getting to know your organizational structure. Our partnerships are relationship based and when we master the knowledge of your organization and industry, we naturally begin to share your passion for your field and strive to ensure your future goals and initiatives come to fruition.

Time Commitment

Q: We have so much going on, but can’t get to it all. How are we supposed to find time to meet and work with an AMC if we can’t even seem to knock out the small items on our “To Do” list?

A: While in-person meetings may be necessary from time to time, email, teleconferences, webinars, and other technologies at our fingertips allow us flexibility to plan meetings according to your schedule while saving you the cost and time consumption of travel. We can accommodate you or your assigned personnel with regard to their varied time zones and availability.

Reliability & Attention

Q: Will my organization get lost in the shuffle of an AMC managing multiple clients?

A: The Solution designates a specific professional or professional team to each client for consistency and association focused purposes. Additionally, our lack of turnover affords you with the professional relationship with a personal touch. We have everything you need to hit the ground running with like-minded, goal oriented, seasoned experts in association management.

“Using the right tools and having the right people by your side for organizational profitability and overall prosperity is crucial in today’s competitive and ever-changing business environment. Allow us to utilize our cross-industry experience and knowledge to strengthen your organization. At The Solution, our passion is your success!” – Dot Miller, CAE, CEO

Meet The CEO

Dot Miller has been progressively active in association, business, and operations management since 2002. She holds a Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Society of Association Executives (CSAE), Blues & BBQ for Better Housing, Jefferson County Business Education Alliance (JCBEA), Arvada Colts and the Mapleton Education Foundation. She has received several awards and recognitions, including the Denver Post’s “20 Up and Coming Women – Tomorrow’s Most Influential Leaders”, Denver’s “Forty Under 40”, and the Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry’s “CEO of the Year”.

what our clients are saying

With The Solution, we no longer have to find the next host for a Business After Hours or follow up on a ribbon cutting–it is taken care of. We know our marketing and communication is on point and our members are kept informed. The Solution cleaned up our database and keeps our website up to date.

– Sean Kaiser

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