Executive Director: 101


Executive Director: 101 What Execs Need to Know for Success

If you are an Executive Director in the association, chamber of commerce or nonprofit space, or want to become an Executive Director, this book is for you.  If you are a new Board Member, this book is for you.

Executive Director: 101 What Execs Need to Know for Success is an easy read with helpful hints, secrets for success and best practices for Executive Director success across 14 different topic areas ranging from membership growth, development and engagement to strategic planning and financial management.  This book will help you be the best leader for your organization.


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Dot Miller, CAE

Written by Dot Miller, CAE

Dot is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) and has served as Executive Director for numerous organizations.  She has seen it all.  The good, the bad and the crazy.  She often helps new executive directors with strategic planning, financial management and board orientations.  In this book, she will show you what it takes to be successful in your role.

Price: $42.00 

How do I purchase?

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Here’s what readers have to say

“Executive Director 101 is a must read for both newcomers to the profession as well as those of us in need of a timely refresher course in the interesting fundamentals of association management.  Dot Miller and Sam have assembled a thorough, thoughtful, unbridled, visionary and resourceful guide we can all benefit through keeping it handy, accessible and on the ready.” – Tim Jackson, CEO of Colorado Automobile Dealers Association


“Your resource is marvelous.  Well written and easy to follow.  A must-have book that can be easily resourced by section as topics and concerns pop up.  And, they will.” – Joan “JT” Tezak, CAE, CMP, Executive Director of Colorado Society of Association Executives


“Dot Miller is an amazing resource! When I was a new Executive Director, her guidance was invaluable. I highly recommend reading this book as she guides you through how to succeed in your new role. Her insight is priceless!” – Melanie Swearengin, Executive Director, Conifer Chamber of Commerce