It’s no secret that in order to attract and retain members, associations offer a variety of events and programs customized to meet the interests, wants, and needs of their audiences.

A strategically planned event or program relies upon various evaluation measures to ensure continued demand and overall validity. Without evaluation, associations may find themselves maintaining the same programs or events because “they’ve always done it that way”, which in turn doesn’t provide true justification for keeping those program and event offerings.

But how does an association evaluate the value members find in attending? Look closely at the events and programs you’re offering to determine if you’re losing revenue. A thorough evaluation can result in event or program improvement. Alternatively, it could result in discontinuation. It all depends on your findings.

We recommend evaluating your programs and events annually. Consider the following:
• Is attendance increasing?
• Are members engaged?
• Are they still producing revenue for you?
• Are sponsors still coming in?
• Is the program still relevant to your organization’s mission?
• Are there new programs you should offer to better serve your community?
• Do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) assessment of your programs and events.
• Survey event and program participants to gain insight.

Maximize the value of your association’s events and programs by giving members lots of reasons to keep coming back for more. Members come for the experience. Do all you can to WOW them. Bring energy and creativity to your events… Have fun with them!

Interactive experiences that enable networking opportunities where “goodies” are offered in combination with your association’s creativity are bound to draw a crowd. Be intentional about making connections and allowing members to make connections.  Think about who your attendees should meet, and make it happen!

Every event and program is a revenue generator for your association.  Always.  No exceptions. Identifying and engaging sponsors is also part of the big picture. Read more about finding and engaging sponsors here.

If your events or programs could use evaluation or improvement, or you have questions about how to go about maximizing their value, give us a call. We can help. We are The Solution!