Knowing your members and potential members well is the key to maintaining and growing your association’s membership base. When we identify and address member struggles, interests, and goals, and provide the tools and resources they need, members come to stay!


When was the last time you surveyed your members to determine what they want and what they value? “What’s in it for me?” is often the first question potential members will ask themselves before deciding whether or not to join, so be ready to WOW them!


Get to know your members through continuous outreach:

  • Develop an Onboarding Plan.
  • Have board members, ambassadors, and/or staff welcome new members.
  • Reach out upon joining, then do it again three to six months later to check in.
  • Do a first-year loyalty assessment nine months into the first year to determine what they want and what they currently like about their benefits.
  • Meet them! Take a road trip… Go see them at their place of business.
    • Not possible? Do a video call so you can put a face in front of theirs.


Find creative means by which more benefits are offered. Here are some ideas:

  • Provide free or discounted educational content on your website.
  • Offer meetings facilitated by outstanding professional speakers that will help solve issues members are facing, with real take-aways that they can implement immediately.
  • Help members find the best deals – Establish partnerships with discount organizations.
  • Provide a positive online community where members’ stories are highlighted on your website (telling why they joined the organization, what their experience has been, etc.).
  • Make free useful content available, such as a blog or newsletter that provides education and resources members can use day-to-day.
  • Provide downloadable e-books or white papers with research pertaining to your members’ businesses.
  • Offer special programs (get c-suite leaders in front of young professionals or emerging leaders. etc.).
  • Offer exclusive digital member logos for members to use on their website/social media pages. Printed decals are also a great way to allow them to physically display your logo.


Members love great benefits. They also appreciate acknowledgment and recognition. What do you do to celebrate your members? Do they know you value them? Go out and meet them, send them cards or random text messages, give them shout outs on social media and in your newsletter. Always let them know how much you appreciate them!


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