The Solution for Membership Growth, Retention and Engagement




If you are a membership organization, then membership growth, retention and engagement will be quite critical to the success of your organization. This webinar will touch briefly on creating the membership experience and techniques for recruiting new members.

Once a member has joined, it is important to engage them and help them find value in your organization so they renew their membership.

Membership is the force that drives any association or chamber of commerce. Members are the ones putting in the time, money and energy necessary to make an organization exist. They are the beating heart that helps it thrive and carry out its mission. With that said, it is not uncommon for organizations to struggle with membership retention and engagement or handwave it away as something that is ‘solved’ by the right pricing and structure. It needs to be carefully tended to and reexamined on an ongoing basis and should involve your staff, not just your membership team. As the executive director, you need to set this tone and make sure that your staff and your board of directors, not just your membership team, make membership growth and engagement a priority.