The Solution for Strategic Planning




Good strategic planning is the cornerstone of a successful organization. However, many organizations who pay lip service to this idea don’t reap the benefits, often because they don’t understand what a strategic plan is supposed to be.

A strategic plan serves as a long-term roadmap for the organization. It defines a set of big-picture goals that will serve the mission and vision of the Board of Directors, and it lays out a path for achieving those goals, with objectives, task and timelines. The strategic plan can determine the direction of the organization for years to come. When done well, your strategic plan will align the focus of the organization from top to bottom, set a direction that ensures the organization is working in service of its stated mission, and allocate resources in a way that prioritizes the most important goals and outcomes. A strategic plan is fluid and should be reviewed and updated regularly, with status checks at board meetings.

In this webinar, we will show you how to do a Strategic Plan well, and how to use it as a tool at your Board Meetings to drive success.