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The Solution has over 135 years of combined experience in association management. We provide our clients with the highest level of management and expertise. Our current clients include local, state and national professional associations, chambers of commerce and non-profit organizations.

Take a look at some of the speciality areas that we focus on.

Full Service Association Management

Full service association management means that we are the staff of your organization, from Executive Director down to member services and accounting. We keep your organization running smoothly and effectively.  

Strategic Planning & Board Orientation

The Solution help you create your strategic plan and provide board orientation so you can lead your organization forward and fulfill your mission. We provide advice and counsel to the Board on matters relevant to non-profit boards to assure efficient association management and operations.

event management

Event are a big part of an organization’s income.  Whether virtual or in person, they have to be well managed.  From the venue sourcing and contract negotiations, to the catering and AV  coordination, to the attendee registration online and on-site, The Solution will oversee all operations vital to a successful event.

facilitation & speaking

Are you looking for someone to facilitate a Board Orientation, a Strategic Plan or an Appointee Evaluation?  We have the best facilitators!

Membership Development

We understand member needs and how to communicate an organization’s value.  We will create and execute tailored member development plans and handle all membership processing, including billing, renewals and database management.

the why

why partner with the solution?

time commitment

Q: We have so much going on, but can’t get to it all. How are we supposed to find time to meet and work with an AMC if we can’t even seem to knock out the small items on our “To Do” list?

A: While in-person meetings may be necessary from time to time, email, teleconferences, webinars, and other technologies at our fingertips allow us flexibility to plan meetings according to your schedule while saving you the cost and time consumption of travel. We can accommodate you or your assigned personnel with regard to their varied time zones and availability.


Q: I’m hesitant to outsource to an AMC, as they may not have a sufficient understanding of or share the passion I have for my industry. Why should I trust The Solution?

A: The Solution’s highly skilled and experienced leadership team invests a great deal of time and effort working to educate and immerse ourselves in many industries. This involves working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), familiarizing ourselves with industry practices and trends and getting to know your organizational structure. Our partnerships are relationship based and when we master the knowledge of your organization and industry, we naturally begin to share your passion for your field and strive to ensure your future goals and initiatives come to fruition.

Reliability & Attention

Q: Will my organization get lost in the shuffle of an AMC managing multiple clients?

A: The Solution designates a specific professional or professional team to each client for consistency and association focused purposes. Additionally, our lack of turnover affords you with the professional relationship with a personal touch. We have everything you need to hit the ground running with like-minded, goal oriented, seasoned experts in association management.


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From Our Founder

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“Using the right tools and having the right people by your side for organizational profitability and overall prosperity is crucial in today’s competitive and ever-changing business environment. Allow us to utilize our cross-industry experience and knowledge to strengthen your organization. At The Solution, our passion is your success!” – Dot Miller, CAE, CEO