Strategic planning & board orientation

Strategic planning and board orientation are the cornerstones to a successful organization

why are strategic planning and board orientation important? 

 A strategic plan serves as a long-term roadmap for the organization. However, many organizations who pay lip service to this idea don’t reap the benefits, often because they don’t understand what a strategic plan is supposed to be. Board members are often appointed but never really understand their role or responsibilities.  The Solution Association Management Company can show you how to do this easily and effectively. 

We help your board create a strategic plan that includes all 7 elements: a mission statement, a vision statement, core values, SWOT analysis, long-term goals, yearly objectives, and action plans.

-We help you conduct an environmental scan to assess the forces and factors that will affect the future of your organization.

-We create the Key Performance Indicators and tracking mechanisms to make sure goals are met, milestones achieved, and data is tracked. 

-We create board orientation packets customized to your organization’s needs and culture.  

-We run the orientation session and essential follow up.

Why does this matter for your organization? Because taking the time up front to create the vision and train your volunteers will ensure success in the long term.

what our clients are saying
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Dot came to Cleveland, Ohio to run the Board Retreat for the Solon Chamber of Commerce. I selected her after interviewing eight organizations to lead us in a retreat to determine our strategic plan. I worked with Dot for about a month leading up to the retreat and continue to work with her now to implement the agreed upon strategies. She was amazing at the retreat, holding the attention on 22 people over the course of 6 hours. The outcomes: Agreed upon 5 year goals with a solid plan to execute over the next 18 months. I am so thankful that we had and continue to have the opportunity to work with Dot and her team at The Solution..

– Tom Bennett, President & CEO