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The Solution 



Our chamber association really saw growth potential and an opportunity for further relevancy during the pandemic.  Our board decided it was time to put a strategic plan in place and we truly found the best in the business with The Solution.  Dot and her team led us in the direction of taking our organization to the next level of success.  She not only conducted an amazing strategy-filled virtual session but delivered a detailed working document that was easy to navigate.  The follow up sessions to keep us on track have been invaluable.  We would highly recommend Dot and The Solution for your chamber or association, hands down!”

– Cindy Holzheimer, Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce



“WOW! Words do not express the amazingness that Dot is to the chamber world.  I am a semi new Executive Director and Dot has helped me so much I can’t express how thankful I am. She is smart, caring and down right the best at her job. She’s extremely quick at responding along with being very organized. Need help with anything chamber related, she’s the one to ask. 

-Mitchell Gronenthal, Executive Director, Delta Area Chamber of Commerce 



“I was the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado (PIIAC), our state association for independent insurance agents.  I had been an active member for many years and watched as membership in our organization started to decline.  When our Executive Director announced her retirement, we knew we had to bring someone in that could turn our organization around.

We did a national search for a new CEO and Dot Miller stood out above the rest with her outside-the-box ideas on how to grow our association.  She breathed life back into our association.  She rebranded our association and implemented a marketing and communications strategy that would ultimately lead to member engagement and an unprecedented 95% member retention rate.  She created all new events that our agents and company partners got excited about.  We hadn’t seen that kind of attendance at association events since the late eighties. 

In addition to the restructure of organization, Dot cared very much about each member.  She went so far as to visit each member, driving to every corner of the state to sit in front of our members to talk to them about the challenges they are facing in our industry and how our association could help them.  She goes above and beyond for her clients.

Dot accomplished our five year strategic plan inside the first eighteen months.  When it comes to associations, she is the very best.

I would highly recommend The Solution for your association.”        

– Jim Howes, PIIAC Board of Directors



“The Solution really was the solution to our growing pains. As a non-profit organization we are always struggling to raise funds and keep our administrative costs down so that we can utilize our dollars primarily for services. Hiring staff is expensive. Our service agreement with The Solution allows us to leverage our dollars in the most productive way.

We are afforded a variety of services at less than the cost of one full-time employee – and it is unlikely that we would’ve been able to find one person with all the skillsets we need.

In our case, The Solution provides bookkeeping services, manages class registrations, maintains databases, sends and compiles post-workshop reviews, maintains our website, provides social media services, creates marketing materials, and manages fundraising events.  All without a glitch. 

This team is professional, supportive, and very talented.  I highly recommend them and feel they’d be an asset to any non-profit organization.”    

– Jefferson County Business Education Alliance


Westminster Chamber of Commerce

The Solution Helped Us To Be Nimble and Think Outside the Box

“2020 has been a tough year for many small businesses and non-profits.  Colorado Weed Management Association (CWMA) was faced with some very tough decisions early on in the year. With the guidance of Monica (the Solution) as our executive Director, CWMA was able to get creative and offer several online classes and to hold our Annual Training virtually. CWMA was able to pull through 2020 significantly better than we would have thought possible during those early days. Noxious weeds are persistent / tenacious / resilient.  As CWMA is a noxious weed management organization, we aim to be as resilient as the weeds.” 

– Tina Travis, CWMA Board President

Westminster Chamber of Commerce


“I am confident to give Dot Miller the highest recommendation for her work in development of our Strategic Plan. Our Health Care for All Colorado Advocacy Board (HCAC) just met with Dot Miller. Dot is a fabulous strategic thinker. Dot’s insight, experience, and examples pushed our thinking to the next level.  HCAC did not have a recent specific Strategic Plan. After meeting with Dot, we developed SMART goals and our strategy for the coming year and beyond. Thank you, Dot, for sharing your expertise and organizational skills with us. Our Board has a vision with specific next steps. I highly recommend Dot Miller to your organization.”

-Lydia Guzman, President, Healthcare for All Colorado

Westminster Chamber of Commerce


“I have had the opportunity to work with Dot Miller and The Solution as a member of the Board of Directors of the Westminster Chamber of Commerce.  I am pleased to give The Solution my highest recommendation. Prior to retaining Dot and her team at The Solution, our organization struggled to be responsive to our members and our lack of organization at the administrative level caused us to miss opportunities to grow the organization.  The Solution was able to come in and resolve the issues we had with our administration.

Our members have been vocal in their support of the improvements that we have made through The Solution, and our partnership has enabled us to generate revenue and provide even more value to our community.  I believe that Dot Miller and The Solution are capable of adding value to any organization and I am happy to give them my full recommendation.”

– Bryan Head, Board of Directors, Westminster Chamber of Commerce



“The Solution started work with CALCP with the goal of stimulating growth in both our membership and our annual conference, and succeeded on both counts—our membership has grown by almost 30% since hiring The Solution, and their first year of managing our conference generated record attendance, while we were able to move to a larger, more luxurious venue in their second year without sacrificing profit. They have also helped CALCP develop a bilingual education program for their Spanish-speaking members.”

-Terry Dwyer, CALCP Board



“The Solution undertook a rebranding of PIIAC and implemented a new communications and marketing strategy that helped boost membership growth and engagement, including the launching of several new events. We built out a new state-of-the-art facility and moved the association, bringing education classes in house.”

-Jim Howes, PIIAC Board of Directors


They put their hearts and souls in to the success of their clients

“When AACE realized that we could no longer have our conference in Orlando we were not sure what we could do.  We did not have to worry about it.  Dot is a guiding light of our organization.  She does not have the term, it can’t be done, in her dictionary.  With the guidance of Dot and the solution we were able to have one of our most successful conferences ever!  Our members loved it!  Looking in to 2021 we have no worries because of what Dot and The Solution brought to us.  I promise you Dot and her staff put their entire hearts and souls in to the success of all of their clients.  Whatever comes along we can get through it with flying colors.  2021, we have you covered!”

– Barbara Burlingame, AACE Board President 

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The solution focused on operations so i could focus on strategy

“To all those business owners feeling the sense of overwhelm – too many hours spent IN the business (operations), and not having enough time to work ON the business (vision/strategy)…then STOP right now and contact THE SOLUTION!
I have had the pleasure of working alongside Dot and Monica to formulate an effective strategy to accelerate/operate my business so I can focus on more visionary tasks to grow the business. I love being a lean organization and finding trusted resources that I can contract for all the tasks that are not my sweet spot. It is truly the best of both worlds! Hands down…working with The Solution was one of the greatest investments I could make for my business (and my sanity!)”
-Kerry Crandell, Founder & CEO of WoMAN
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amazing at strategic planning

“Dot came to Cleveland, Ohio to run the Board Retreat for the Solon Chamber of Commerce. I selected her after interviewing eight organizations to lead us in a retreat to determine our strategic plan. I worked with Dot for about a month leading up to the retreat and continue to work with her now to implement the agreed upon strategies. She was amazing at the retreat, holding the attention on 22 people over the course of 6 hours. The outcomes: Agreed upon 5 year goals with a solid plan to execute over the next 18 months. I am so thankful that we had and continue to have the opportunity to work with Dot and her team at The Solution.”
-Tom Bennet – President & CEO, Solon Chamber of Commerce 
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“We were a new Chamber of Commerce starting up and could not afford to hire a marketing specialist, a bookkeeper or an event planner, so we turned to The Solution and they do it all for us, better than we ever could, for a fraction of the price.”
– Loretta DiTirro, Wheat Ridge Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors