Effective member engagement strategies based on both qualitative and quantitative measurements are critical to an organization’s prosperity. While assessing member interest is quite an undertaking, it’s only half the battle. The remaining challenge is identifying and integrating solutions that accommodate member interests and spark enthusiasm for more interaction.


Here are three ways to boost engagement with your organization’s members…


  1. Mix and mingle – Maximize in-person opportunities for relationship building.

Aside from remote/electronic engagement efforts like social media, in-person encounters are a fantastic member engagement tool. How many of your organization members have met your staff/board in person? Meetings and events provide networking opportunities that shouldn’t be limited to members. Formulating personal relationships between staff and members is a valuable way to enhance the member experience, gain loyalty, and encourage participation.


  1. Leave no one behind – While getting new members is great, retention is just as important.

Have you ever noticed your internet or cable providers offering incentives for new customers, while you feel overlooked and unappreciated? Ouch! This can cause individuals to look elsewhere for competitor’s services. The same is true with organizations–providing membership renewal benefits and discounts, and additional perks, will help make your renewing members feel appreciated.  Show every member that they are important to your organization.


  1. Say thank you – Show members the positive impact they make.

Saying “thank you” is important, and showing members what that means by sharing data really drives the message of appreciation home. Share organizational achievements and milestones (fundraising results, status reports on big picture initiatives, legislative wins, etc.). People find contributing to a good cause rewarding, and recognition for those contributions oftentimes results in increased involvement. Everyone loves making a difference and seeing positive results!


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