We offer free consultations for professional associations and executive directors.

We are the solution

The Solution, Inc., is a full service association management company (AMC) that maximizes your value and potential while stimulating growth and engagement for your organization. We specialize in professional and membership associations, nonprofit organizations and chambers of commerce across Colorado and nationwide.

We are fiercely loyal to our clients. We are The Solution.

strategic planning

Many organizations know the direction want to go in, but lack the execution strategies to get there. Services include strategic planning, board and leadership development, and facilitation.  The Solution association management company has the knowledge and experience to help you get there efficiently!

Full Service Association management

With full service association management, The Solution is the staff of your organization. The Solution is your outside Executive Director.  The Solution handles your membership development from customer service to marketing and communications.

consulting services

Need help running your conference or training event? Or running a silent auction? Or negotiating your hotel contract? Hire The Solution association management company consulting services for whatever your organization needs on an an annual or ad-hoc basis.

resources for executive directors

Our educationl resources provide Executive Directors, Boards and Staff with practical, real-world ideas on key topics such as strategic planning, membership development, financial management, and others.  Let us help you succeed in your ED role! Learn more.

The solution is a team of of strategic

and thoughtfulforward thinkers

“Since we hired The Solution to manage our organization, they have increased our membership by 150%, helped to build our reserves back up to a healthy level, and took our annual conference to all new heights. The Solution is a team of strategic and thoughtful forward thinkers.

– Barbara Burlingame, American Association of Code Enforcement 


They provide us with expert consultation.

i could not ask for better partners.  

“As the Director of the Public Health in the Rockies conference for the Colorado Public Health Association, I’ve had the privilege of working with The Solution team for two years now and they are incredible! They provide us with expert consultation, support all aspects of the conference, and are just really wonderful and fun people to work with. Not only did they help us successfully plan an in-person conference during a global pandemic, they helped ensure we provided a safe, fun and well-organized conference. We also exceeded our financial goals thanks to The Solution. I could not have asked for better partners and look forward to our continued work together.”

–  Heather Weir, Public Health in the Rockies, Colorado Public Health Association


I’ve been a part of many conferences and their management

was the best i’ve seen

“The Solution took our conference to the next level. Leading our team of volunteers and committees, The Solution helped  grow attendance by almost 20% and sponsorship by a whopping 65% since the last time we were in person.  I’ve been a part of many conferences and their management was the best I’ve seen, handling every detail leading up to and during the event. It’s quite clear that The Solution staff know exactly what they are doing….and with a smile on their faces!  They are simply a joy to work with, both in person and virtually. I would highly recommend The Solution to manage your association and all your events.”

– Casey Cisneros, Colorado Weed Management Association



“Our chamber association really saw growth potential and an opportunity for further relevancy during the pandemic.  Our board decided it was time to put a strategic plan in place and we truly found the best in the business with The Solution.  Dot and her team led us in the direction of taking our organization to the next level of success.  She not only conducted an amazing strategy-filled virtual session but delivered a detailed working document that was easy to navigate.  The follow up sessions to keep us on track have been invaluable.  We would highly recommend Dot and The Solution for your chamber or association, hands down!”

– Cindy Holzheimer, Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce

dot is certainly at the top of her class

“The great expanse of the Pacific Ocean and 7,700 miles separate Colorado and Manila where the Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives (PCAAE) is based. And yet despite the 14-hour time difference, Dot graciously accepted our invitation for her to run a webinar for the association community here. Aside from being a very accommodating and engaging person, Dot is a dynamo of a speaker who not only knows association management topics and issues by heart, but also delivers her presentation in a manner and tone that is simple, understandable, and to the point. Thirty speakers from overseas already spoke at our webinars and Dot is certainly at the top of her class!”

Octavio “Bobby” Peralta, Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives (PCAAE)